Effective 12/1/18, we will discontinue selling through our website; however, this catalog will still be available to view. To place an order, please call 817-429-2660 or email Brandon Lewis at b.lewis@boxoutlet.com.

Leaman Container, Inc.

5701 East Rosedale
Fort Worth, Texas 76112
Toll Free: 800-242-6937
Metro Phone: 817-429-2660

Fax: 817-429-2737
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Customer Service – Leaman’s Philosophy

“FAWTSY” is our commitment to you — our commitment to “Find A Way To Say Yes” to your requests and needs. We asked our valued customers what they wanted, and this is what they said…

  • Better Boxes
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Ideas to Reduce Costs
  • Flexible Order Sizes
  • Competitive Pricing

But Even That Is Not Enough!

We understand that the corrugated box business is extremely competitive. We understand that you have choices. We understand that quality customer service makes the difference.

That’s why, at Leaman Container, you get more than just an empty box. You get a responsive team of professionals committed to partnering with you. We offer quality boxes and packaging materials, and a customer service team dedicated to meeting your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Contact a Packaging Specialist today and give us a chance to show you what FAWTSY really means!