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Box Styles

Five Panel Folder box

FPF - Five Panel Folder

Also referred to as a five panel wrap. Good for long, thin items such as golf clubs or metal pieces. Flaps usually overlap to provide extra cushioning and stacking strength for small diameter items which could puncture the box.

Full Overlap Slotted Container box

FOL - Full Overlap Slotted Container

Flaps extend across the width of the box. Used for extra cushioning or stacking strength.

Full Telescope box

FT - Full Telescope Box

A two-piece box, with a top that fits over a bottom tray. Good for low, flat or fragile items. Provides extra thickness on all sides and ends for product protection and stacking strength.

Half Slotted Container box

HSC - Half Slotted Container

Flaps on the bottom only. Top is open. Usually used with a cap, or another Half Slotted Container as a top.

Multi-Depth One Piece Folder box

MDOPF - Multi-Depth One Piece Folder

Same as the One Piece Folder except with extra score lines to accommodate various depths (heights).

Multi-Depth Regular Slotted Container box

MDRSC - Multi-Depth Regular Slotted Container

Same as a Regular Slotted Container, except the 4 corners can be cut down to another score line to decrease the depth (height) of the box.

One Piece Folder box

OPF - One Piece Folder

Provides a flat bottom with flaps forming the sides and ends. Extensions of the side flaps wrap around the product to form the top and leave one flat surface for printing. Usually used for flat objects like books or picture frames.

Partial Overlap Slotted Container box

POLSC - Partial Overlap Slotted Container

Outer flaps overlap by 1 inch or more. Usually used when the length is considerably greater than the width, resulting in a long gap between the inner flaps. The sealed overlap helps to keep the outer flaps from pulling apart.

Regular Slotted Container box

RSC - Regular Slotted Container

The most common box. Flaps on the top and bottom meet in the middle.

SLOPF - Self-Locking One Piece Folder

Same as the One Piece Folder, but does not require tape for closure.

Straight Tuck Die Cut box

TUCK - Straight Tuck Die Cut

Top and bottom both tuck in and snap into place with a lock tab. Usually used when the box is taller than it is wide and long. Makes for a clean look.

Tube box

TUBE - Tube

Four sides with no top or bottom flaps. If needed, a separate top and bottom tray can be used.

Tuck Top Mailer box

TTM - Tuck Top Mailer

A die cut box with great stacking strength. Easy to open and re-close. Requires tooling to manufacture.

Walker Lock/Lock Front

WL - Walker Lock/Lock Front

Often referred to as a "Pizza Box". One piece box which folds and has double thickness on the front and two sides. The front locks into place with flaps that fold into the sides. Great for presentations!