At Leaman Container our goal is to meet or exceed every customer’s standards and expectations as they apply to our products or services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • On Time Deliveries
  • Accuracy in All Correspondence

Every employee must know that quality cannot be inspected or sorted into their product. Quality must be built into their product from start to finish. Every employee must know that Quality is no one person’s or department’s job. Quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Our Quality Motto: “Quality is my job!”

Environmental Efforts

At Leaman Container we work hard to protect the environment. In 2010 we overhauled our entire ink and water systems.

RDC Custom Cardboard Box Manufacturing Equipment - Leaman Container

We also have an ongoing commitment to our comprehensive Recycling Program, putting excess corrugated, scraps, and office paper back into the system instead of straight into landfills.

Other initiatives include having installed a new, more efficient “cool” lighting system in the warehouse and plant areas thus using less electricity while putting off less heat so as to keep our employees cooler in the summer months.

Additionally, we have reduced fuel consumption by purchasing newer vehicles with more efficient and effective emissions systems and by streamlining our shipping.