Leaman Container’s design team is among the best in the industry and is known for our excellence in total custom design solutions.

Our design staff can integrate both structural and graphic design to create a full turnkey package design that will satisfy your requirements and please your customers.

We Will:

  • Identify optimal material substrates in the design of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging to minimize your overall cost while enhancing the customer experience and aesthetics.
  • Develop Technical Solutions through experience, research, development, and testing, implementing needed steps from the design phase to final production.
  • Cut samples for your approval using state-of-the-art CAD programs and prototyping machinery.

Better Packaging Decisions

One of the best ways to reduce your packaging cost is to find the best design possible – to think “outside the box.” Working together, we can find packaging opportunities to:

  • Optimize board grades
  • Increase production efficiencies
  • Enhance the overall packaging appearance
  • Reduce dim-weight for UPS/FedEx
  • Minimize space and help reduce shipping costs
  • Reduce labor and shipping costs

At Leaman Container, we know you can make better decisions if you have the right information. We believe it is our responsibility to provide that information and back it up with professional service and support.

Contact a Packaging Professional today to find out how we can assist you with all of your packaging needs.

Custom Packaging Design CAD - Leaman Container