Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions

Leaman Container and Storopak working together to provide new packaging solutions to our customers. Replacing the customers existing rolled foam and bubble with this kraft packing paper machine will be great for our environment and the packing efficiency of our customer! Even using recycled paper rolls!!!

Protecting a Collectible Box at Large Retailer

The Problem 1.       Customer needed to protect collectible figures which they purchased in retail packaging from an OEM.  The retail box containing the figures could not be damaged as it would diminish the collectible value of the figures.  The challenge for the customer’s DC was to remove the bulk packed collectible figures and individually distribute… Details

Choosing the Correct Tape for Your Box

Acrylic vs Hot Melt, Tape Thickness, and Mechanical Characteristics 1.0 Tape Makeup Packaging tapes consist of a backing material known as the “carrier” and a layer of adhesive attached to one side. Differing carriers and adhesives are combined to meet the needs of a variety of applications. In the packaging industry, polypropylene is the most… Details

How to Package Your Product for Shipping

How to Package Your Product for UPS or FedEx Shipments 1. Choose the Correct Corrugated Box Choose the box strength that is suitable for the contents you are shipping.  Refer to this chart below for recommendations to determine the proper size and maximum gross weight limit of a box. The above box strengths are only… Details

How to Pack for a Move

Supply Checklist Various Size Boxes Cardboard Pastic Sheets / Tarp Blankets Padding / Bubble Wrap Newspaper / Wrapping Paper Box / Shipping Tape Scissors / Pocket Knife Small Tool Kit Sandwich Bags (to hold appliance / furniture hardware) Gloves Most of these supplies are available for order through The Box Outlet. The most popular items… Details